My fitness journey began in August 2014 after I chanced upon Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG). KayIa had acquired a huge fan base who followed her guide religiously. Honestly, I was so attracted to those ladies and their inspiring stories of achieving the “Dream Bikini Body”. It got me real determined to get that bikini body confidence too.

Initially the progress was painfully slow and unnoticeable, and I only had myself to blame since discipline was my key issue. Not only did I not follow the program faithfully, I was also unable to resist junk food. I was utterly disappointed with myself. Nonetheless, I resumed BBG workout in January 2015 and also gradually corrected my nutrition habits. I began to experiment with the recipes I found online so that I could still enjoy my favourite dishes guilt-free. A whale of a motivation came from the visible results I saw in the mirror.

Elyn with foam roller

To improve is to change

Today I have completed BBG 1 & 2 program and I thought to myself, what could be next? My love for fitness has yet reached another level. I want to learn more and challenge myself so that I can improve on the areas I am weak in. Knowing that my body is not naturally flexible, I started taking up yoga classes with Cheryann to attain my goal of a full frontal split. And yes, I am still working on it!

I am never a fan of cardio exercises because of a chronic lower back problem. But now, I make it a point to run 3km to the wet market every other morning, just to boost my endurance and stamina.

To push myself further, I sign up for a local contest, Nutrigirl Fitness Model Search, where 37 female fitness fanatics come together to compete for the best physique. My aim is to witness another transformation in this journey of mine despite my age. 

If fitness is a drug, it is the only dope I want to get high on. BBG has led me to folks who have similar fitness goals. The fact that we have each other to cheer on is a true blessing from God. I learn not to be too anxious in getting the results I desire because well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. As long as I work towards my goal with the right attitude, patience and perseverance will bring me there in due time. Time is the essence for creating great things in life.

BFFs remember, fitness is a never ending journey, not a destination.