Never too late to start.

How did I ever get here? I surprised myself too because I had always been the sickly child. It was the toughest period of my life. Sinusitis and asthma attacks were so frequent, I spent most of my teenage years in and out of clinics and hospitals. Going to school was a chore since the compound was built on higher ground. I had never been to MacRitchie Reservoir for cross-country runs. Never needed to partake in Physical Education lessons. Many of my classmates looked at me with envy when they had to do their 2.4km jog. I was so frail, I would get “blown away by the wind”. Confidence was one word I had never associated myself with.  

It wasn’t until May 2014 that I started going to the gym. It only took me weeks to see the transformation in my body. Working out with colleagues was fun even though they were mostly boys. I followed them around different stations, carried weights and pulled cables. Eventually I got myself a personal trainer because I was curious about TRX suspension training and Muay Thai. This routine brought about a leaner and healthier me. My menstrual cycle became more regular. I started to love the perpetual muscle aches. Soreness became the most satisfying pain ever.



Elyn called me up some time late 2015, asking if I wanted to join her for yoga classes. She had engaged a trainer for practice at the comfort of her house. The amazing thing was, she had a loft room with full length mirrors installed on one wall, a makeshift workout bench, free weights, yoga mats, TRX suspension trainer, a pink exercise ball, and a foam roller. God knew what other magical equipment she had kept out of sight! This was such a good environment for fitness training.

I was awfully inspired to get an apartment of my own just so I could have a room like hers! 

We began to train weekly and ended each session with a healthy dinner at her place. This capable woman had just so many recipes hidden up her sleeves to help us eat clean! Her dishes were usually only baked, boiled or sometimes pan fried with olive oil. Anyone can workout for an hour but controlling what goes on your plate for the next 23 hours is total hard work.

Elyn’s love for fitness keeps me going. If I ever feel defeated in any way, I know I only need to look at her to remind myself that I can push on. 

If you are someone who lacks the discipline to work out alone, join your friends when they have activities. Go for classes together. It is always easier to progress together with a close-knit community because a little friendly competition helps along the way. A true companion is one that brings out the best in you!