When it comes to skincare brands, Korea will probably be one of the first few countries that comes to mind. French brands like Bioderma, Vichy and Eau Thermale Avène are also not unfamiliar to many. If we put these two powerhouses together, French-Korean hybrid would be the new innovation in skincare market.

We got our hands on the new Erborian Pink Perfect (PP) Crème and quickly put it to a test. This 4-in-1 primer (makeup base) has heaps of benefits. It uses an innovative formulation developed by French expertise, using Korean natural active ingredients to help illuminate and bring perfect-looking radiance to the complexion.


We love the moisturizing yet feather-light feel on the face. It was a little oily at first but it soon dries up to a soothing matte texture. Although matte, it still gives a slight shimmer with an added pinkish pearly glow. This base cream seals pores and softens skin to a velvety effect, allowing the skin to appear radiant and healthier instantly. We are obsessed with its light-reflecting, skin-perfecting abilities, that is why we think it works well even on its own.

Elyn: “On days when I know I will be heading the gym after work, I use Erborian PP Crème as my main makeup because it is lightweight and does not clog pores.”



Elyn: “Here’s another style where I use it as a base before applying CC cream for more coverage.”

Experience the benefits of using Erborian PP Crème :

  • Soft velvety effect 
  • Minimize visibility of pore appearance
  • Enhances skin tone, leaving a pink pearly glow
  • Act as a primer for longer lasting makeup


Erborian Pink Perfect Crème is available in all Sephora Singapore retail stores.


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