As we move towards the digital age of vlogging, a camera stabilizer becomes an inevitable necessity for documenting sports and travel activities. If you think your arms are stable enough or a simple handheld stick can prevent shakes as you manoeuvre, think again. All the vibrations caused by your movements will ruin your high motion content. 

So how do you solve shaky footage problems? Camera gimbal was invented for this purpose. But a typical gimbal may be too bulky for leisure travelers like us.

A very bulky gimbal (Image:

Thank God for high resolution cameras on our smartphones. It is so much easier to record quality videos on the go nowadays. Paired with a lightweight and portable gimbal, smooth and clear motion pictures are no longer just the works of professionals.

We tested out the latest Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal when we were in Sabah last month, comparing based on what Zhiyun claims on their website.



From Zhiyun’s website

BFF’s opinion


Saving your time and load with a super compact construction of only 440g, with it, now you can really travel light without missing a single moment on the road.

Although not exactly small, Zhiyun Smooth Q is lightweight and definitely smaller than a camera gimbal and easy to travel around as it comes with a small portable case to strap it around your body.

From Zhiyun’s website

BFF’s opinion


With the various innovative functions of the ZY Play, Smooth-Q not only perfects your footage with nice cinematic impact, but also realizes multiple smart controls. By activating the Object Tracking function, the gimbal and phone camera will be configured to follow and focus the target automatically, so now you can record any live moment while also taking part in it. In addition, it also supports time lapse, slow motion, long exposure, multi-style filters and more to inspire your creativity.

Yes, it was easy to connect the gimbal to our phones using ZY Play app. It worked on both on iPhone and Android. The controls for toggling between front and back cameras and zooming were really simple too. We did not try the time lapse and slow motion settings but will definitely give it a shot next time.

The Smooth Q offers 320° rotation along the pan, tilt, and roll axes which helps to capture footage easily. This stabilizer’s internal battery provides up to an impressive 12 hours of run time, but further backs up for extended mission allowing connection with portable power source through USB port.

What we truly love about Smooth Q was that it helped to improve video footage stability. That was the most important to us. We were in awe with the smooth transition and the incredible stability it provided. Another huge advantage was its ability to charge our phones for usage throughout the day.

Watch a comparison between a phone with gimbal and action camera without gimbal below.


BFF final verdict: Zhiyun Smooth Q is one of the most affordable gimbal stabilizers in the market. Priced at $199, this high quality gimbal is indeed a worthwhile investment for creating movie-like videos. Smooth Q also comes in various colours to suit your personality. Rose gold is our favourite! =) You can get your Zhiyun gimbal now from NU Photo (sole distributor for Zhiyun products). Visit their IG @nuphotosg or Facebook /nuphotosg for more information.


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