North Borneo Cruises offer the first of its kind dining experience onboard a cruise ship that takes you on a scenic route along Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park islands and KK City Waterfront.


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For those planning a trip there and not sure what to pack in your itinerary, believe us, this is a MUST-DO! If you have been to Sabah and not heard of North Borneo Cruises, allow us to tease you with these:

1. Sumptuous buffet spread (need we say more?)


We love the wide variety of international buffet spread available onboard. Besides the yummy local delicacies, there is a great selection of salad and protein picks for the health conscious. Thumbs up for the satisfyingly appetizing dinner!



2. Sunset view on sun deck

clip 149.gif

The highlight of the dining cruise was its magnificent sunset view on the sun deck. As it cruise past the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine park and down the central coast gliding along the city’s famous Waterfront, we enjoyed both the sunset ocean view and beautiful night scenic city view. If you are lucky like us, you will be able to get a nice picture with the rainbow as your backdrop.


3. Live entertainment


As if the food and view were not wonderful enough, we were very well entertained by their awesome live band. Great selection of songs and lots of dancing to keep everybody upbeat. Groove to the tunes if you like the limelight, they will teach you their local dance too!


4. Superb customer service

Service was prompt and attentive throughout the entire 2-hour cruise and the amicable staff made sure we were treated like VIPs.

5. Fond memories takeaway


We brought home an extraordinary cruise experience – something romantic, fun and wacky.

Now did we tickle your inner wanderlust for a short getaway yet?

For more information on how to book the tour, find out at

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