We exercise almost everyday and it is usually about weights, strength and endurance. Having practiced Yoga for a year previously and hearing so much about Pilates, we decided to hop on the bandwagon with Breathe Pilates to see what this system can offer.

We had three private classes with Betsy Chen aka @thebarebeauty at Breathe Pilates and had such a great time with this lovely instructor. Betsy was very well-trained and knowing our background, she often challenged us to more advanced moves. With her extensive knowledge, she made the movements tough yet so enjoyable for the both of us.

“I am very inspired by people who can do so much more because of Pilates training. Particularly inspired by @thebarebeauty and @pilates949 on Instagram, I wanted to excel in Pilates too!”


One thing we learned though, Pilates don’t just work the core. You can engage every little muscle like how you would with strength training, but emphasizing more on body and muscle awareness. If you want a slender body, you can incorporate Pilates as part of your training regime to help lengthen the body and correct wrong postures. Better postural and alignment control helps to portray a better body shape.

Betsy’s advice:

Pilates is a practice that deeply involves the mind, and not just working a certain said exercise or movement. Learn to engage targeted and isolated muscles while holding an ideal torso alignment is key to teaching the body functional movements while keeping core center and engaged. Take your time and understand the principles behind Pilates, as this is important to help attain the full benefits out of the practice.

“There are parts of me I want to change and it can only happen when I keep moving. The key is to learn from people who are good at what they love. If Pilates can stretch my growth, Pilates it shall be.”


Benefits of Pilates:

  • Better postural control
  • Better body alignment
  • Better body awareness
  • Enhanced recovery from stretching
  • Stronger muscles development
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