Together with our BBG girlfriends, we went on a weekend excursion to Pulau Ubin, the most nostalgic and preserved island in the north eastern side of Singapore. For some of us, it was a virgin experience. 


There were plenty of bicycles for rent at reasonable prices. We got a few mountain bikes for $10 each and some smaller bikes at $8 each for the petite ones. Spent about 3 hours cycling and trekking.


The scenery at Ubin was pretty decent (better than expected), especially at Chek Jawa where we couldn’t stop taking pictures. We also did some exercises since we were in the mood for it (as always!). Watch video at the bottom of the page to see what we did!



Ended our day with a hearty lunch at the highly recommended Chocks full of Beans café at Changi Village. Not only were their food yummy and affordable, their baristas were so good with cute 3D latte art, you will not bear to drink them.


We do have some tips for you if you would like to visit Pulau Ubin:

  1. Go EARLY! The earlier you are, the lesser the crowd. We took some time to pick our bikes managed to rent them really fast. There were no other cyclists around so we were able to roam freely. More importantly, you can avoid the super humid afternoon weather.
  2. The ferry leaves every time it hits 12 passengers. From our experience, there is no need to pay extra for private ferry. We didn’t have to wait long to board and the journey was just 15 mins.
  3. Be prepared! Bring your sunblock, insect repellent and water! We had to hydrate constantly because we were perspiring a lot.
  4. Choose a mountain bike no matter what. Elyn had so much trouble riding uphill on her small bicycle even when it was at the lowest gear.  She had to dismount and push on most slopes, whether steep or not.
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