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BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide. It is a home workout program created by an Australian, Kayla Istines, in 2012. This program has helped (still helping!) millions of women in their weight loss journey. You can find a galore of images and videos on Instagram, detailing the progress of their training. Communities are formed in many different countries and it gradually became a huge sensation worldwide. If you are wondering, we do have a BBG community in Singapore too.

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BBG meet-up Singapore (#bbgmeetupsg) was formed by a fitness enthusiast, Vanessa (@vanxfit), who used to live in Vancouver. We asked Vanessa why she wanted to do this in Singapore.

@vanxfit: “I started BBG meet-ups because I wanted to bring together ladies in Singapore who had the same love and interest in fitness. It was a chance of meeting other women in the same city and getting to work out together.”

Apart from our monthly meet up for BBG, we would also come together regularly for other fitness related stuff, predominantly to motivate and inspire one another. We believed that by sharing our journeys, people would gain something good from the love we spread.

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Here are some comments from the local community.

@ruthsweats: “ I like that the group is very inclusive! Everyone has a different story to share and everyone’s journey is different. The diversity and the various fitness journeys are so inspiring and it’s what make this community so special!” “The group is very welcoming. I love that we are a diverse group of ladies from different backgrounds and age but become fast friends. We really inspire each other to keep going with the habit of exercising.”

@gwen.bbg: “This meetup community motivates me a lot, because I enjoy the fun and laughter with awesome like-minded company to work out together!”

So, what are the benefits?

  • You’ll make new friends.
  • You get to exercise.
  • It’s absolutely free!

If you are one who religiously follow Kayla’s guide and would like to join a community to train together, feel free to connect with us, or simply follow #bbgmeetupsg on Facebook or Instagram for updates on the next meet. We welcome you with open arms!

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