Have on your hands a lazy weekend night where all you want to do is chill at home? Try interesting your significant other in a simple home activity – healthy dinner cooking!

Minimal effort yet perks aplenty – dinner on a budget; checked! Activity both can participate in; checked! and most importantly, clean eating; checked!

Here’s a simple recipe #instaboyfriend and myself tried that you can use to kick-start your own home cooking endeavours as well…


Chicken Breast: 150g
Camembert Cheese: 1/4 of a wheel or 20g
Honey Mustard Ham: 1 slice
Swiss Button Mushroom: 10
Squid ink ribbon Pasta: 15
Edamame: 300g


For Chicken Roulade:
1. Butterfly Chicken Breast
2. Slice Ham and Mushroom into strips
3. Spread Cheese, Ham and Mushrooms on the inner surface of Chicken Breast
4. Roll Chicken Breast up
5. Coat outer layer of chicken breast with olive butter, salt, black pepper and herbs
6. Pre-heat oven for 5mins at 270 degrees
7. Placed rolled up chicken into oven for 20mins

For Pasta and Edamame Bed:
1. Boil Pasta
2. Add a dash of Truffle Oil, Garlic Salt, Black Pepper and finely chopped Parsley into boiled Pasta
3. Toss Pasta with Ham and Mushroom slices
4. Air fry or bake in oven
5. Boil Edamame
6. Separate Edamame Peas from skin
7. Lay Pasta, Ham, Mushroom and Edamame mix on base of plate

Voila! Done!


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