Elinn is a Fitness Expert for over 13 years in the Fitness Industry and currently the Director and Founder of E’s FITNESS.

Once a representative for Singapore in Taekwondo and a 3rd Dan Black Belt, she suffered from a permanent damage on her knees and rehabilitated her-self to recovery. Having a mission in life, she dedicated herself to Personal Training to enlighten, motivate, heal, train and share with anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves. She believes that no one should suffer when there is a remedy. Blessed with a mysterious gift, she always leave someone in a better place.

Can you tell us more about E’s FITNESS and what inspired you to set up your own gym?

E’s FITNESS is not just a gym. It’s a place with a heart where we build a big family and encourage and motivate one another. In addition, I give every member access to a forum where they can ask me any questions related to fitness and I will answer them personally to guide them as much as I can.

I would like to call E’s FITNESS – “Where every dream come true…”


I have a few inspirations and purpose to build E’s FITNESS:

1. First of all, I dedicated the gym to a dear friend of mine who inspired me to set up my own.

Let’s call her Y. Y asked me one day if she could train with me. I said of course and I would definitely make time for friends.

However, as a Fitness Expert, I knew something was not right with her on the first day of training. I had to ask her to reveal her secret, which she had been keeping to herself. Only to found out that she was suffering from an autoimmune disease, which is causing her to go blind at a fast rate. She was always feeling fatigue and over the years, put on weight.

I was upset to learn the truth and dedicated myself to training her 3 times a week. After 9 months, she lost 16kg, she got really fit, she had more colour on her face and she had lots of energy. She even joined the Spartan Race and completed it! Once I was surprised that she was still out partying with me at 4am in the morning ‘cause she usually leaves for home at 10pm. I asked her, “What are you doing here?” She was jumping up and down and saying, “’Cause you gave me so much energy babe!” I was feeling really happy for her.

The happiest moment was when her doctor told her that the rate of her going blind had slowed down tremendously and that gave her hope – she had bought time; that in the future, technology will be more advance to help her.

One day, as we sat down over a glass of wine, she told me how she felt…

She said, “When you’re bogged down by illness and have to see different kind of doctors, it was a vicious cycle having to take one medicine after another, everything I saw was dull and grey. Now I see colours… the flowers have colours and the sky is so blue. Training with you is a privilege that one should not miss. You made so many people’s dream come true, you should start your own where every dream comes true.”

I was moved to tears and I wanted to use my gift to reach out to many whom I can enlighten about fitness. Working out is not just to look good. In fact, looking good is just a bonus. What you gain will always be more than what you expect. Thus, this is where every dream comes true.

2. I wish to make E’s FITNESS the happiest place to work out.

3. I would also wish to make E’s FITNESS the best place for Fitness Professionals to release their passion for fitness, be happy in what they are doing and a great environment to work in.

How do you differentiate yourself from other big commercial gyms?

From my story, you can tell that I have a stronger and bigger purpose than just to make money. To answer your question simply, I’ll say that E’s FITNESS is a home to all and not just a big place to train.

You have unique classes like Myofascial Release, Kettlebell Training, Core Killer. Any reason why you choose these as your classes?

1. E’s FITNESS goes on a holistic approach. It’s not just about training but also to heal, recover, prepare. Myofascial release classes teaches E’s Members how to release trigger points which people usually know it as “knots” surrounding our skeletal muscle. This allows them to feel lighter, have a greater range of motion and looser rather than having the feeling of stiffness.

2. Kettlebell training, core killer, TRX training, Functional training et cetera is to show members the different type and ways to train, which will benefit them greatly. When they have the knowledge in training effectively, they can take themselves at greater heights. The classes are intensive and for 30 minutes to show that you don’t need hours, long duration to workout. You only need to be working out effectively.

What is your clientele like?

My clients have been with me for years and they have been my friends and anchor.


I have a wide range of clients – from a beginner to an athlete level and from teens to above 60 years of age. No matter who my clients are, I will promise to leave them in a better place.

How often should one train in the gym?

It really depends on how much time they have. Of course it would be nice to train in the gym 3 times a week. However, if one could not fit their gym schedule in, they can still do their own workout at home, which they have already learnt, from the Fitness Professionals in the gym. I have trained all my clients to know their posture very well. For that, I have no worries and trust that they can repeat the workouts I taught them without injuring themselves.

It is no surprise that the top people are usually the ones who commit to a regular gym schedule. They schedule gym appointments the same as they schedule the rest of their meeting appointments at work. Reason being because they are enlightened on what working out does for them – it helps them to focus better at work, be more productive, no health no wealth, energetic and many other benefit. It is not easy to be a leader if you are always fatigue. Thus, I too have to walk the talk.

What would you like to achieve for gym and your members?

I would love to see happy members and see them grow to always be a better version of themselves. I see everyone of them as my friend and what makes me the happiest is when a member no longer have to suffer from a back pain or knee pain or whatever ails them.

Many ladies fear weights training. What is your advice?

They fear because they have not been enlightened from the myth of weight training for women.


They have the perception that they will grow big muscles and look like a man. That is not possible because as women, we don’t have the same testosterone as men. Men build muscles easily because they have many times more testosterone than women.

They can though with the help of special supplements and steroids but I will not encourage.

What women should know is that muscle burns fat. Weight training allows them to burn fat even when they are sleeping.

More importantly, weight training strengthens and increases their bone density. It is a great prevention from osteoporosis which most women suffers as they age. It will protect their bone from fractures too! Once again, I believe in prevention before suffering. If there is a cure instead of popping pills, why not?  

How about those who have phobia of signing gym memberships?

I feel for them and understand where they are coming from. That’s why I have a membership package called – E’s Commitment-Phobia Package – Monthly payment only. *Laughs


My personal clients however, would sign up for a commitment package. When I asked some of them why they were not afraid, they simply answered in such a positive way, “Aiyah, we know you. We know you will take care of us.” I beamed and responded with – That’s true.

Being a personal trainer and a business owner, can you share your biggest challenge and how you overcome it?

My biggest challenge as a Personal Trainer was to help a man who was constantly in discomfort and had seen the Physio for 3 years. He had an injury when he was in his teens working out in the gym with his friends with the wrong posture and mishandled use of equipment. Ever since then he suffered.

I analysed and observed him carefully to find out his weaknesses and the things he do that causes him discomfort. From there, I strengthened up the weaknesses, increased his range of motion, did lots of stretching and worked out in ways that was best suited for him. There was less discomfort, his mobility improved and he got much stronger to better support himself.

As a business owner, I battle with the different characteristics and attitude of my staffs. However, I make sure that they understand me and the direction I have for the gym. I always placed myself as part of them and another player in the team to do everything together. I would go for the one for all and all for one mentality. There is no E’s FITNESS without a great team.


I have to keep myself in check as well so I would also always ask for feedback if there were anything I could change for the better. I would share my plans and directions with them and hear their opinion. I always say, more brain is better than one.

If there was anything else I can do better, I will change – all for the greater good!

If you wish to find out more about personal training, go to E’s Fitness Facebook page or follow them on Instagram on the latest happenings!

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