Have you ever wonder why your child cannot seem to perform well in certain sports? Have you always wanted your kid to be an athlete but not sure which sport to put him/her in. Well, we might have a solution for you!

During the June school holidays, we were invited by Home United Football Club Sports Performance Center again to do another useful fitness test, except this time, it is for kids. We were delighted!

BFF Elyn with HUFC and Joelle
BFF Elyn with HUFC and Joelle

Joelle Toh, a 13-year-old secondary school student, was put on a challenge to do a motor skill test. This is a test to determine an individual’s body movement patterns and how it influences overall body awareness and performance to prevent risk of sports injuries. We all know that a well-developed body can keep you from falling and breaking a leg and having a strong core definitely saves you from unnecessary back problem. Therefore, it is important to help a child develop such skills and adjust their movements while they are still young.

The motor skill test consists of eight segments: 20 meter sprint, balancing backwards, lateral jump, sit and reach, standing long jumps, sit ups, push ups and a 6-minute endurance run. These tests are used to observe a child’s coordination, flexibility, core strength and endurance.

We had to abandon the last test because Joelle was not feeling too good. Nevertheless, this test is still 90% conclusive so let’s take a look at her results below.

As you can see, any score above the red horizontal line shows that the child performance is better than average children in Germany and scoring below means they are lacking in these areas. The reason why comparison was not done only with children from the school class or team (if this is a fit class, it seems to be not so good, if a lot of classmates are not so fit it seems like the child is super fit), but with thousands of kids from Germany in the same age (and same sex as well) objectively so that it shows how the tested kid is developed in comparison to the average skills of others. Since Joelle is a dancer, her average score was high for strength and coordination and flexibility. However she requires more training on endurance and this could help her in making her dance training endurance longer.

Unlike the usual test with aggregate scores, this test has no pass or fail. The objective is to help parents identify a child’s talent or if your child is inactive, the test helps parents to see, if the amount of time their kids spent stationary is having a bad effect on the development, posture, skills and performance. So the test result might help to create a more active lifestyle for the child in order to avoid development problems. If your child is playing for competition, this can help the coach/trainer focus on their strength and develop on their weaknesses to make the child a stronger person.

We recommend motor skill test to be done as early as possible. This test is suitable for kids from age 6 to 17 (before 18th birthday).

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