Had this annoying backache for the longest time since the day we went to snoop around the huge trampoline park.

Hurt my lower back doing this “stunt”. Bounce, bounce, crack, oops! *cries*
Hurt my lower back doing this “stunt”. Bounce, bounce, crack, oops! *cries*

Guessing it was just a normal sprain, I didn’t get it treated, much like a stubborn old lady. On hindsight, I should have sought help earlier because there were many actions I couldn’t complete without feeling a tinge of pain, for instance, a simple back bend or even push up. It hurts when the core is not as strong as you think it is. I was not able to train to the best of my ability.

This lasted for about a month or so until I reluctantly agreed to let Elyn take me to a trusted Chiropractor. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had scary images of my past experiences with TCM. The idea of introducing more pain to the part where it hurt most freaks me out. But this was the best decision I’ve made thus far.

There are many types of Chiropractors in Singapore. Some focus on geriatric (elderly) problems such as degenerative arthritis, while some focus on pregnancy and kids such as post-natal pain (lower back & hip issues) and children scoliosis. Singapore Pain Solutions focus more on sports injury and peak performance. If injury can be minimised during training, athletes’ recovery would be a lot faster. Some of their patients include pole dance instructors, bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors, and also general public who mainly complain about shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, lower back pain.

Singapore Pain Solutions Founders Dr Jeff Ederer and Dr Jenny Li
Singapore Pain Solutions Founders Dr Jeff Ederer and Dr Jenny Li

Upon reaching Singapore Pain Solutions, we were greeted by the cheery Dr. Jenny Li and most suave-looking Dr. Jeff Ederer. Their warmth and sincerity had this calming effect on me and everything else at the clinic just felt so peaceful and comforting. Both doctors have over 5 to 7 years of Chiropractic experience respectively in South America, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Cheryann filling up form

They had a white sofa and a couple of colored cushions casually laid at the consultation area. Jenny pointed us to the basket of waffle biscuits and cookies on the coffee table, Elyn and I exchange looks and gladly helped ourselves to them. There was nothing intimidating about them at all.

BFF had a round of posture screening using an impressive mobile app that is proprietary to the clinic. It could tell us our posture alignment simply by uploading full body front and side view shots.

Cheryann posing for posture assessment

The abnormalities were captured to the accuracy of 2 decimal places. I presumed most of us will have postural deviation depending on the intensity of our daily activities. Here is what I’ve got.

Posture from front

To be honest, I could tell the deviation just by looking at my past photos but this assessment really changed my perspective on how I look at my own body again. It is like I could finally map out how far right or left I am shifted towards. There is better clarity when you have numbers pegged to visuals. So being right-dominant, naturally I would carry my bag on the right shoulder, which explains the slight tilt.

Posture from side

Notice in this picture my shoulders are pushed way forward. This could be a result of prolonged use of computer (yes, I’m quite a geek!) or it could probably be the frequent crouching when I was younger due to asthma (it helped me breathe better).

Cheryann stretching delts

My back muscles are overcompensating as I experience chronic muscle tightness no matter how much I stretch. Imagine how much I dread chest opening poses (don’t believe that smile I gave, it’s painful trust me!).

I was asked to lay on the bench face down for my spine adjustment by Dr. Jeff. He briefly introduced the devices and explain what he would do before placing them on my back. Occasionally checking to make sure that I was feeling alright and to raise up any discomfort. We documented the entire session on video to show you what to expect during treatment.

Spinal adjustment on Cheryann
Almost falling asleep because it was so comfortable, no pain at all!
Spinal adjustment on Cheryann
The thumping and vibrations from the devices felt like a therapeutic massage.
Spinal adjustment on Cheryann
Dr. Jeff cracking the spinal joints of my back to release tension and increase motion range.

One thing we learned during this visit is that many of us have great misconceptions about what Chiropractors do. I was having a conversation with a friend about my injured toe (someone stepped on it really hard during kickboxing class) and how tui na (Chinese healing technique similar to osteopathy) escalated the bruise and swell.

Cheryann's bruised foot

I candidly shared that I was going to visit a Chiropractor and she gave a bewildered look and laughed. I had no idea but I assumed that since Chiropractor is the western version of TCM, they ought to be able to help me with my toe as well.

Dr. Jeff attended to my injured foot

True to my expectation, I was excited to hear that Chiropractors specialised in everything that has to do with bones and joints, limbs inclusive, using 100% natural, no pills, no pain approach (to which I prefer). I may look like I was in pain but it was nothing compared to the torment I went through at TCM *shudders*.

If you find yourself a victim of the following, you should go for a consultation with Singapore Pain Solutions and see what can be done to alleviate your condition(s).

  • Injury from lifting heavy things
  • Injury from sports, gym, competition
  • Post-pregnancy backache
  • Scoliosis and bad posture
  • Lack of sleep and insomnia
  • Shoulder and neck pain from long working hours
  • Migraine and headache (I have intentions to bring my Mom to see them since Dr. Jenny speaks perfect Mandarin!)

Now what matters most is to acknowledge that some part of you no longer feels like the old you and you should be open about receiving treatments (I had my doubts prior to this too) so that you can quickly get back to your original, uninterrupted lifestyle.

Lo and behold, fellow readers! If you are in Singapore and you would like to experience what we went through, contact Singapore Pain Solutions at 9853 1729 to make your appointment now. Don’t forget to quote barefacefettle to get 1 spine analysis and 2 spine adjustments for just $88! (Usual price $155 for 1 spine analysis and adjustment)

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