Have you ever felt constant tightness in certain areas of your body and you wonder why? The basis of our stability is right at the bottom where we stand and balance as we move our limbs. If our ankle mobility is unstable, it will affect our knee and hip alignment. Having a right body alignment is crucial because this will reduce joint pressure or any possible injuries. But how do we know if our body alignment is correct? Movement Screening is one good way to find out.

Bareface Fettle is honored to work with Dirk Schauenberg, head of Sports Performance Center from Home United Football Club for this screening. Movement Screening is an evaluation on the movement quality of an individual and is usually done on soccer players, runners, bowlers and athletes of any other kind of sports in Singapore. While it may seem useful for athletes, it has benefits for everyone involved from individuals with desk-bound jobs to exercise professionals.

Who should go for this test?

Basically anyone who is interested to learn more about body alignment and anybody who wants to improve their physical wellness.

BFF experience with Movement Screening

Cheryann with Dr Dirk Schauenberg
Cheryann with Dirk Schauenberg before the test

Dirk was very approachable and he was genuinely more interested in our well-being than just the assessment. He explained that it is important to know the individual’s concerns and readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.

Movement Screening comprises of 3 functional movement patterns, 2 positions that test mobility, and 2 movement patterns that test core stability. Some examples are hurdle step (as shown below), deep squat and in-line lunge.

Hurdle Step
Hurdle Step

Every movement test has a score between 0 – 3. A score of 0 means one is feeling pain during the movement and may need professional medical help and score of 3 is where one pass the movement with no compensation.

Trunk Stability Push Up
Trunk Stability Push Up

Out of total score of 21, average score should range between 13-15, depending on age and fitness level. For Cheryann, she had a score of 14 and she will need to work on areas to help in her muscle tightness and body alignment. Movement Screening can also tell you your dominance setting. Cheryann is dominant on her right side but the dominant eye is on the left. Below’s an evaluation after the test is done.

Cheryann FMS report 3

Dirk provided a report with corrective/strengthening movement exercises for Cheryann to restore proper movement and build up strength. He met up with us again on a separate day to show us how to do the corrective exercise properly. We were really impressed with his dedication for the excellent work he did with us.

We were advised to do the corrective exercises after every workout to improve our body alignment. Here’s a short clip on the corrective exercise that we have done.

What are the benefits of movement screening?

  • Pain identification – One will be able to know why they experience pain or tightness on a specific body area.
  • Better Posture – Cheryann has an obvious imbalance where her body is slightly slanted to the right because the muscles on one side are more tense and tight. This is due to poor posture and improper use of the body, such as carrying heavy loads on one side. Correction movement exercises will help to improve our body alignment and hence improve body posture overtime. This is especially important to prevent early osteoporosis.
  • Reduce risk of Injury during training – By correcting body alignment, one will learn how to use the correct muscles group during training or exercising. This will help to reduce unnecessary pressure on the wrong muscle area.
  • Figuring out imbalances to reduce joint wasting.
  • Improving training performance.

On behalf of our readers, we would like to give special thanks to Home United Football Club and Sports Performance Centre for sharing invaluable tips on ways we could improve our physical well-being.

If you are interested in Movement Screening, please write to Aloysius aloysius@hufc.sg or contact him at +65 9693 1905. Quote “barefacefettle” for a special rate of $100 (U.P. $120) per test. You can also book together with Opti-Zone test at $220 (Combo price). This promotion is valid until 30 June 2016.

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