Optimal running speed can help lose fats permanently

“I need to run my fats off after a heavy meal!” Does that sounds familiar to you? Some people, including ourselves, will always push hard to run faster or run longer distance, hoping to lose as much fats as possible. Well, what if we tell you that you do not actually need to run fast to burn fats?

Do you know that we have an estimated 80,000 calories of fats in our bodies while the carbs storage is a mere 1,700 calories? When we exercise we are burning energy from 2 different sources (carbs and fats) and the only way to burn fats correctly is to run at your optimal speed.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Home United Football Club and Sports Performance Centre to learn how by measuring our metabolism using Opti-Zone can help to determine our optimal run speed to burn fats permanently (YEAH!).

(Left to right) Elyn, Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg, Cheryann, Dr. Dirk Schauenberg
(Left to right) Elyn, Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg, Cheryann, Dr. Dirk Schauenberg

What Is Opti-Zone ?

Have you heard of ergospirometry, a diagnostic test which is commonly done on athletes? A typical ergospirometry procedure costs over $1,000 and it is very precise and comprehensive. This measuring method involves the parallel examination of reactions of a person’s heart, lungs, vascular and metabolic system while under physical stress.

Source: vo2max.pl

Opti-Zone is a simplified, convenient and more affordable version of the ergospirometry test that can be done on any individual. It can record and measure your physical fitness and performance by analyzing the calories your body consumes under rest or under specific training conditions. Opti-Zone enables you to find out exactly how much carbohydrates, fat and proteins your body consumes. With this knowledge, it is possible to determine the exact point where fat burning is at maximum level.

Opti-Zone is the right test for anybody who wants to:

  • shed body fats using the most effective way, regardless of age, fitness level and training goal
  • increase their health
  • strengthen their cardiovascular system
  • run away from diabetes or keep it at bay
  • start training (again)
  • find a safer way to do cardio (those who have to avoid high intensity exercises, who are taking any medication for high blood pressure or who are having joint problems)
  • walk (instead of running) and still burn fat (e.g. older people)
  • increase their performance for competition (experienced athletes and people who are occasionally competing)

BFF Opti-Zone Experience:

Dr Magdalena performing Opti-Zone test on Elyn
Dr Magdalena performing Opti-Zone test on Elyn

We met Dr Magdalena, a performance consultant from Sports Performance Center of Home United FC who conducted the test for us. We were told to fast for three hours without food and drinks (except water).

File_000 (2)

Prior to the test, Dr Magdalena explained the procedure clearly and made sure she understood our fitness goals and motivation. We did a 30 minutes breathing test in conjunction with heart rate monitoring from sitting (resting) position, to walking and running at different speed on the treadmill. The intensity and duration of the test can be individually adjusted to the fitness level and training goal of the participant. Opti-Zone can also be done on stationary bike for triathletes and for people who prefer cycling over running.

A report is generated after the test and this is how it looks like for Elyn.

elyn opti-zone results

It may look complicated but all you need to see is the green zone where the solid green line is. Elyn’s optimal running speed for optimal metabolism is 6.8-8.7km/hr at the heart rate of about 138/min – the most effective fat-burning stage. Interestingly if she is running any faster, she will only be using up the smaller energy source where carbohydrates and sugar are, while the fats are still stored in the body.

Here’s a simpler chart to explain. Notice that her heart rate is between 117-138/min in the green zone (TZ1) where fat burn is high.

elyn opti-zone results 2

Dr Magdalena recommends Cheryann to do a combination of different cardio exercises like biking, rowing, elliptical training and treadmill jogging. This is good if you are not a fan of cardio, because each session ends quick enough before boredom kicks in.

If you are a cardio lover, it is ok to stick to running/biking. While it may not be necessary to change the type of cardio training you are doing (e.g. runners like to run), you should have a variety of intensities to challenge your body (basic endurance in the middle of the green zone, basic endurance close to the end of the green zone and stamina training in the yellow zone). You can spend 20% of your endurance training time in the yellow zone for stamina training. A good option is to start with some light intervals. Interval training does not mean you have to run fast, but to target the desired heart rate zone with the running speed and to recover as you jog or walk in between the intervals. 

People who are always running the same distance and same speed will not improve, but they might keep their fitness level and health. It depends on what your goal is and the kind of training you choose. Besides that, it always makes sense to include other types of training and alternate from time to time to change the way your muscles are used e.g. swimming or yoga for runners.

We have been encouraged to wear heart rate devices when we train because that is the most accurate measurement for effective fat burning.

Source: smartmonkeyfitness.com

Opti-Zone Benefits:

  • Determine your walking or running speed for optimal fat burning. You don’t want to waste your time running and realizing that you are just wasting off carbohydrates and not burning fats.
  • Increase endurance. As you learn the correct fat burning technique, you will be able to run faster and further with minimum energy wastage.
  • Reduce joint wastage by preventing injury.
  • Improve competition running time.

We would like to give special thanks to HUFC and F1 Recreation Center for the great session and exclusive learning environment.

If you are interested in Opti-Zone testing, please write to Aloysius aloysius@hufc.sg or contact him at +65 9693 1905. Quote “barefacefettle” for a special rate of $150 (U.P. $180) per test. This promotion is valid until 30 June 2016.

Reference: http://cortex-medical.de/spiroergometry.htm

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