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Clovern is our Yoga teacher and has been with us since last Autumn. She has always enjoyed sports and being active. As a kid, she learned rhythmic gymnastics with a Russian coach until she was 15 (retire age for rhythmic gymnast). You would not believe this but she is also a Taekwondo black belt holder! Clovern loves traveling and a bit of adventure – sky diving in Australia, conquering Mount Kinabalu and white water rafting in 3 days, you name it!

When did you start learning Yoga and why?

I started learning yoga when I first moved to Singapore in 2007. I chose yoga because I have always wanted to improve my strength and flexibility.  Ever since I took my first yoga class, I have never looked back. 

We know that you have lost a significant amount of weight and get back in shape fast just by doing Yoga, can you share with us how long did you take and how much weight have you lost?

I practiced prenatal yoga during my pregnancy and took a pre/post natal yoga teacher training after my delivery. I gained about 18kg and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight in 6 months. Of course, breastfeeding and a healthy diet also helped.

How often do you practice Yoga now?

While juggling a day job as a medical sales rep, teaching private yoga classes and spending time with my baby boy, I practice at least 3 times a week.

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How long did it take you to be a professional yoga instructor?

For me, yoga is not just about asana (posture), it’s a journey of body, spirit and mind. I achieved 200-hour yoga teacher training (YTT) in 2009 to deepen my study and more recently pre/post natal YTT.  After giving birth to my baby last year, I decided to start teaching because I felt ever-stronger that practicing yoga made a difference to my health and wellbeing.


What type of challenges did you face when taking the instructor course?

I attended my first YTT at a beautiful beachside, Byron Bay in Australia. It was an intensive 12-hour per day, 6-day per week course over a span of 4 weeks. It involved large amount of practical and theoretical studies on asana (yoga practice), pranayama (breathing exercise), extensive anatomy and physiology, ayurveda, yoga philosophy, ethics, kriyas, adjustments and observations. We also had to go through a theory exam and be able to conduct a yoga class at the end of the course. The biggest challenge was to be a 4-week strict vegetarian!

What type of yoga do you teach?

Right now, I teach hatha, pre & post natal yoga.

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Can you share with us three benefits of the yoga you teach?

Yoga involves a lot of stretching that improve flexibility and muscle strength. It combines with breathing technique that relaxes our mind and body. By practicing and coordinating different postures, we will become more aware of our own body.

Any advice for beginners who wants to take up Yoga classes?

Yoga is suitable for everyone, I would suggest to start by setting a goal, for example: to be able to do split, lose weight, build strength, reduce muscle stiffness etc. It takes just a little patience and determination to see the results. So, grab a mat today and have fun!

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