Imran Nedunchelian
Imran Nedunchelian

From Chunky to Hunky, we are delighted to have Cleo Eligible bachelor champion to share with us his fitness journey. This talented fitness instructor has a hidden talent of cooking delicious french meals as well, we are sure that is why he is also chosen as one of the most dateable hunk in Singapore. Imran just turned 27 and is currently a Personal Trainer switching career to Cabin Crew with SilkAir this 18th April.

This is how he describes his workout regime: “I love to do Calisthenics workout everyday. Weights training 4 times a week and Cardio 3 times a week. Usually when I hit the gym, I will do a 20 minutes uphill walk on the treadmill. Followed by weight training for about 45mins to an hour. Later part in the day, I will do calisthenics for about 45 minutes.”


Congratulations on winning Cleo Eligible Bachelor 2016! Tell us your thoughts about your big night.

Thank you so much. I was extremely happy when they mentioned my name. I didn’t expected to win at all. So this really came in as a shocker. I was enjoying myself the whole of that day getting to know all the other 29 contestants so I really got carried from being a competitor to just socializing. I got to thank Cleo Singapore team for choosing me as the winner. I hope to be a good role model to anyone out there who wants to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.


From rotund to hunk, could you share with us your story on your weight loss journey?

I was always into weight training and calisthenics workout but I had no clue how to diet. In 2014, I started dieting with chicken breast, whole eggs, sweet potatoes and cabbage everyday for a few months and got bored with what I was eating. I gave up dieting as I found it a chore and continued to workout and eat whatever I wanted. So in the midst of all this in late 2014 I started taking up my diploma in Culinary Arts in a Chef Academy.  I reached to 108kg when I really started to get worried about my health.

One of my classmate at that point of time commented that, how is that so that I did freelance personal trainings before this and looked so round. That comment hit me really hard and I fall into depression for awhile before I made my 2015 new year’s resolution to lose weight. I used my knowledge and skill from my culinary studies to whip healthy and tasty meals and started to workout religiously. I did not stop and started updating my Instagram on my progress.

This brought in a lot of new followers and caught my existing followers and they started to motivate me on my progression. My journey inspired many and it also got the attention of Manhunt Singapore in May 2015 where I was asked to compete. I took part and got selected over the next few months as the Top 20 finalist for Manhunt Singapore 2015. During this period I got further motivated to train harder and diet right. I was at 84kg with my abs during the finals of the competition in Dec 2015. My one year weight loss journey inspired many but most of all, it turned my life 360 degrees. In 2016 January, I got nominated for Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor.

What do you think makes an eligible bachelor?

Any guy who can take care of his parents, his woman and himself is an eligible bachelor.


Are you satisfied with your current physique? How will you continue to keep in shape post competition?

I am not satisfied with how I look as my dream is to look like Sergi Constance who is a Physique model. I took it easy on my training and dieting after my competition. I junked a bit but my calories counting was still there. Today I just resumed my dieting and training. The next 6 months is going to be my next body transformation.

What do your family and friends say about your body?

My brother got inspired by me and he has started to work out with me. My friends and family praised me a lot for being discipline. Some of my friends have now too started training after seeing my transformation. My mum on the other hand complains a lot as I don’t eat her food because I prep my own meals.


What are your future fitness plans? Any more competitions?

I want to look like a physique model/fitness model. I want to continue working and push myself to best I can ever look. If possible, I would like to compete on an international stage someday. Not looking at any competitions yet. But in this 6 months of transformation if there is any competitions, I might consider based on how I look at that point of time.

As a personal trainer, how would you advise your clients who want to join competitions like you?

I would like to say, don’t hold yourself back. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Don’t be afraid of what people might say. It’s a step by step process. Slow progress is better than no progress. It’s always a learning journey and you will be amazed.  Get a trainer for a start until you can be independent. Start looking after what you eat. Read labels of products and avoid processed food. Track your progress. Keep it posted online because now there will be people who will be watching you. You can cheat yourself but you cannot cheat people in your social media, because thes people are looking at your progress for inspiration.

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