Remember the hammock you used to nap in as a baby? Well, it can now take you to a higher level of Yoga stretches that combines the elements of plyometrics, aerial acrobatics, cardio, weight training and TRX for a total full body workout. Swing Yoga is the coolest way to practice Yoga now.

Left to right: Elyn (BFF), Gillian (Instructor at MotionWerks), Cheryann (BFF)
Left to right: Elyn (BFF), Gillian (Instructor at MotionWerkz), Cheryann (BFF)

Swing Yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced Yoga practitioners, and you can only do this at MotionWerkz, the one and only fitness studio in Singapore. The classes that instructor Gillian conducts are fun and interactive, catering to different levels of difficulty. There are two types of classes: basic stretching which is great for beginners and Max Combi which works on building one’s core muscles, good for those who want to extend their Yoga movements in a different way.

Gillian Giam, Founder of MotionWerks
Gillian Giam, Founder of MotionWerkz

We had a core-strengthening session where we used the hammocks as TRX suspension with a combination of weight lifting. It was definitely not easy to plank high on the swing, let alone attempting side oblique crunch with our legs hanging in mid-air and suspended push-ups. “Feel the muscles burn!”, she said. BFF took up the challenge with dignity and persevered on. Special thanks to Gillian for the one hour intensive workout that made us stronger at the end of the class.

Superman pose and one wasn't ready yet
Superman pose and one wasn’t ready yet

Towards the end, we did our favourite Swing Yoga Inversion Therapy. We learnt that it aids in the gentle decompression of the neck and spine to relieve tension and also stimulates the pituitary gland, which promotes anti-aging! (Yeah!)

Benefits of Swing Yoga

Swing Yoga helps one build stronger core muscle as well as increases one’s fitness, strength, endurance, and focus through the Yoga movement. It also helps to improve posture, physique, suppleness and balance. Other benefits include increasing energy levels, joint mobility, blood circulation, health and well-being.

If you are looking for something unique, we recommend Swing Yoga at MotionWerkz. Beware! It can be addictive! 

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