We were honored to be invited for a fitness posing workshop,  jointly organized by NABBA and Hercules Fitness for NABBA male athletes.


Left to right: Desmond, Dennis and Terrence

Desmond was sharing on the different aspects of bodybuilding posing and flexing which include the 8 Compulsory Poses and Free-Posing, while Terrence highlighted the benefits of Male Physique Free-Posing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.20.15 PM




There were many great tips and sharing on the difference between bodybuilding and physique poses. We requested Gladys from Hercules Gym to show us some female poses for the benefit of our readers.




As a competing bodybuilder, the stage is your playground. Yes, it takes months of hard work for just that 10-15 minutes limelight. Thus, it is crucial for all contestants to know what the judging criteria is so that they can minimize mistakes on stage. You can have the best body but if you do not know how to present yourself correctly, all your efforts will go to waste.

Having the right attitude and confidence is important in every aspects of life. Whether it is stage presentation during a competition, presenting to your important client or going for an important date, you should always stay calm and give your best shot because the audience can read you almost immediately.


We believe this workshop has benefited the contestants to help them in presenting their best for the competitions. If you missed the recent posing workshop and would like to know more about competition posing, contact NABBA Singapore at admin@nabbawffsg.com


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