Name: Jeremoth Tan Ray Han

Age: 24

Occupation: Student

Type of exercise and frequency: Weight training, depending on the periodization.

1. Congratulations to you in winning the NABBA Singapore Muscle War 2016 Sports Model “S” category, how do you feel about this accomplishment?

Thanks! Well it was definitely a pleasant surprise to me because this was my debut physique competition and I went for it without any expectations for myself except to enjoy and learn from the entire process.

Jeremoth Nabba

2. What motivated you to join the competition?

In fact my sister was the one who told me about this competition and she said that since I have been keeping in shape all along, why not just give it a try? So I did!

3. Can you share with us your training experience for your competition?

The training intensity following to the lead up of the competition was definitely grueling but yet rewarding. Weeks prior to the competition, I had to train 6 days a week with only 1 day of rest. But this also pushed my limits further and showed me how much one could actually achieve.

4. Any challenges you faced during the preparation?

Diet. That’s one of the biggest challenge I faced. I have never been one who watched my diet very closely but because of this competition, I had to commit to a strict diet for a period of time, something that is really hard to maintain especially in a food haven like Singapore. 😋

5. You are the president of NTU fencing club, how do you manage your time between competition and your fencing practices?

I did face an issue of conflicting training goals and timing which made me unable to perform to the best of my abilities. So the least I could do was to overlap similar training so that I do not overwork the same muscle group. And of course have sufficient rest and plenty of nutritious food!

Jeremoth fencing president

6. What are your plans after Muscle War competition?

I have another upcoming competition  Physique War 2016 which I registered for during the same period I did for Muscle War. So I guess I will be working towards that! But of course, everyone deserves a good meal after working so hard right? 😉

7. In your opinion, what does it takes to be a winner?

Apart from the need to have a developed muscular definition and build, I feel that stage presence, confidence, and the ability to pose well are all contributing factors for one to excel in such a competition.

8. Do you like your body now?

My friends are going to kill me if I say no. Well, I have definitely seen progress over time but there’s always room for improvements right? 😜

Jeremoth casual

9. What are the comments you get from your friends?

They call me pecman/kaya buns/ninja turtle, I guess you know where this is going!

10. Any advice for people who are interested in joining physique competitions like the one you did?

Go for it! Read up more, talk to more people, do your necessary preparations, you never know what you can get out from this experience. And don’t think that it’s as simple as going up on stage to flex all that muscles. 😏

Note from BFF: If you are just as inspired and wish to challenge your limits, check out NABBA Singapore’s upcoming Mortal Battle competition and stand a chance to win cash prizes! Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


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