Body building makes us think of big, bulky men and women. But we had the opportunity to witness the change of course in physique competitions at the recent NABBA Muscle War, held in the heart of Orchard Road for the first time ever.

Singapore Muscle War, a physique competition organized by National Amateur Body-Builder’s Association (NABBA), provides an excellent platform for both men and women who want to challenge themselves to a greater physique in the fitness industry. With bodybuilding as the foundation for all NABBA competitions, the association has expanded their competition categories to suit athletes of all degrees of fitness.

Over the years, we can see that fitness has churned up enthusiasm and women are now more keen to be in better physical shape. This brought about the birth of bikini model and sports model categories in NABBA competitions. No more bulky looking if you don’t want to! We were in awe to see the likes of Victoria’s Secret model bodies during the competition.

We interviewed President of NABBA Singapore, Dennis Tew to find out more:

  1. What are your plans for the champions of Muscle War?

We will be sending them to the Asia Pacific Championship held on 14 May in Australia. Title winner will earn a professional card from NABBA World Fitness Federation International and fantastic cash prizes. 

  1. What are the reasons to include Sports Model and Bikini Model categories in your competition?

To encourage more people to get involved in fitness and lead healthy lifestyles. We know it is extremely difficult to maintain body fats at a range of 3% to 8% and there aren’t many who want to be bodybuilders. The new categories will attract more from the #fitfam community. We are here to show that fitness can bring up the confidence in you. 

  1. What are the benefits of competing?

NABBA competitions not only allow athletes to compete locally with international contestants, the selected few representing Singapore will also have the chance to be trained by Singapore NABBA president to prepare them for overseas training.

With overseas exposures, these athletes have the chance to compete in professional leagues and win cash prizes. They will also be in the limelight when sponsors look for professional bodybuilders.

  1. Is there any criteria to join your competitions?

As long as one has the passion in training and interest in good nutrition diet, anyone can take part in our competitions.

  1. Can the contestants get professional training for the competitions?

NABBA Singapore Federation is currently helping newcomers on diet and training. We will gladly assist if they request us. I used to be a national coach for Singapore Bodybuilding Federation and I own a gym, so I can provide training for them.

  1. As a national coach for amateur bodybuilding athletes, what are your expectations when you train these young athletes?

I would like to see them improving and keep competing in the events by NABBA Singapore .

  1. Any advice for people who are keen to take part?

Don’t be shy, step forward and contact us for more information. We are always here to help.

NABBA Singapore will be organizing and presenting more competitions this year. Check out their upcoming Mortal Battle competition and stand a chance to win cash! Winners get a chance to compete overseas too!

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