We are writing this post for some of our friends who wanted to know how to break through that weight loss plateau. So we did some research and here is what we found out.


Weight loss plateau is absolutely NORMAL because, let’s be honest, we face it too! Do not be discouraged at all. Everyone is different thus it is crucial to know the reason of your plateau for the breakthrough to work.

Some facts and tips on how to get pass this standstill.

1. Your weight may remain the same but you are still losing fats.

If you remember our past article Weight is just a Number, you will understand that losing fats and gaining muscles is more important than losing weight. Unless you do a proper body analysis, the number on the weighing machine may not be an accurate reflection of your actual body size.

2. You need to re-evaluate and control your calories intake.

As you lose weight, your metabolism decreases as well. Your calorie requirement 6 months ago may not be the same as now. If you continue to take the same amount of calories and when the calories you burn equates the calories you intake, it is possible that you reach a plateau. When this happens, you have the option to eat lesser or exercise more.  One way to evaluate your calories is using My Fitness Pal app and update your current weight and physical activities.

3. You need to change your workout regime.

Taking the same route to work is much faster six months later compared to your first day to work because you remember the route very clearly.

Similarly if you have been running for the past 6 months, your body has already build muscle memory and thus you may not burn as much as you wished it will be. Add a little challenge to your usual routine. If you are running, try going upslope or run a different or longer route. If you are building strength, try adding heavier weights or doing more reps with the same weight.

Confusing your muscle forces your body to work harder and in return burn more calories.

4. Watch out for calorie creep.

Most of us tend to consume more calories than we should each day. Even when we use calorie counter app, we tend to underestimate the amount that we are taking. Should it be half a bowl or ¾ bowl of bowl rice? Since we often underestimate our consumption, we should adjust  the calorie we need each day by cutting 100-200 calories. Eg. If you are required to take 1,600 Kcal a day, reduce it to 1,500 Kcal so that you have some extra calories to buffer.

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