Remember our post on CNY goodies vs. McDonald’s calorie comparison? An average man needs about 2000 – 2500 calories and an average woman only requires 1600 – 2000 calories. But what is a more accurate measure for all of us since no one is entirely identical?

calculator error

Macros, also known as macronutrients, are your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These are vital nutrients for your body. Understanding your macros can help you achieve your desired physique simply by taking note of what to eat and how much to eat. Let us look at how we can calculate our calories and macro intake.

Everyone needs energy to function daily, whether you are active or resting. We can calculate the amount of energy we required for basic 24 hours functionality by calculating our Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR). This number of calories reflects how much energy your body requires to support vital body functions even if you are not doing anything. In fact, your BMR is the single largest component (upwards of 60 percent) of your total energy burned each day.

However, knowing your BMR is not enough as most of us do more than just resting. We are at least minimally active by going to school or work. Therefore you need to know your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) to have a more accurate calorie intake. You can calculate your TDEE by multiplying your BMR by your activity level. The multiplier depends on how active you are and here’s an example below:

Activity Multiplier:

Sedentary = BMR x 1.2 (little or no exercise, desk job)

Lightly active = BMR x 1.375 (light exercise/ sports 1-3 days/week)

Moderately active = BMR x 1.55 (moderate exercise/ sports 6-7 days/week)

Very active = BMR x 1.725 (hard exercise every day, or exercising 2 xs/day)

Extra active = BMR x 1.9 (hard exercise 2 or more times per day, or training for marathon, or triathlon, etc.

So how do we calculate TDEE?

You can simply click on this link below and input your information onto the macro calculator to find out how many calories you can take in a day. When using this, it is advisable to click on “Lean Mass Formula” and input your fat percentage for an accurate calculation.

Here’s an example of how you can calculate your calories and macros:

macro 1

After entering your details and knowing your BMR and TDEE, You can choose your goals accordingly:

If you can to lose weight – eat lesser calories.

If you can to gain weight – eat more calories.

macro 2

Here’s a macro chart on how much protein, carbs and fats you can eat a day.


We like this macro calculator because it is so easy to use.

Another alternative is using

You can download the app and use it on the go. Similarly, you can key in the information required and the app calculates your TDEE and daily Macro requirements for you automatically. You can also track your daily intake so that you can prevent calorie creep.

Now that you can find our your daily TDEE and macro requirements, we hope this can help you in eating the right amount of food to achieve your desired body goal.


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