We visited one of Singapore’s newest trampoline parks, Katapult, to learn more about trampoline and it’s fitness benefits. The 14,000 square foot interconnected trampoline park sits amid the greenery of Orto Leisure Park in Sembawang Road.

Katapult contains seven activities that cater to all levels of ability.

Source: katapult.com.sg

katapult floormap

Before entering the park, it is important to watch the safety video because you can get hurt if you do not follow their safety guidelines. Correct jumping technique is crucial for a safe and fun jump on the trampolines.

We had the benefit of learning from the marshals on a few trampoline tricks. Believe us when we say it is definitely not easy. Bouncing on the trampoline alone requires a fair bit of focus on core tension and stability.

You need to first learn how to jump on the normal trampoline before heading to the professional ones. Here’s a short video on the some trampoline tricks we learnt.

Tips on Trampoline Jumps

As beginners, we feel that it is important to share what we experience. 

  • Remember to hydrate yourself every 15-30mins.
  • For beginners, you may feel dizzy after jumping therefore it is advisable to have breaks in between jumps. If you feel uncomfortable or nauseous, stop immediately and seek help from the marshals.
  • Jumping, landing and stopping require correct techniques. If you have not tried trampoline jump before, get the marshals to show you.

After the whole experience, we felt as though we had just done some intensive cardio and worked a lot on our core muscles. Here are the benefits of regular trampoline jumping.

  • Increase cardiovascular capacity

30 minutes of jumping on trampoline is equivalent to 1 hour of cardio exercise.

  • Increase in strength and endurance

Trampoline jumps helps to strength your core muscles and strength.

  • Improved balancing

Bouncing requires a good sense of balancing and body awareness.

  • Improved coordination and Agility

Controlling and adjusting your body to perform various moves and stunts requires a lot of coordination and fine motor skills.

  • Other Benefits

Improve bone density, lymphatic circulation, increase self-confident and relief stress.

REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST! If you don’t feel comfortable, stop jumping.

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