At age 35 and a mother of two beautiful daughters, age 9 and 8, Esther is an inspiring role model to all maidens on this planet. Esther reveals that she is a personal trainer now and she works out at the gym almost everyday. We could not believe our eyes when we saw how well she had maintained herself. BFF checks out why she is addicted to pole dance and how she manages her different roles in life.

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” ~ Marie Curie

1. Can you share with us your first pole dance experience?

I remembered I was struggling to climb up the pole but I just couldn’t get it done with the right technique! My core was not even built up properly as a beginner. I ended up going home with bruises and blisters!

Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 70

2. What do you like about pole dancing and how long have you been doing it?

I started since Dec 2007 and had been practising periodically. I stopped when I was pregnant with my second child in late 2008. I couldn’t practice for 6 months after giving birth due to surgical delivery, so my pace was rather slow. Even though I was already at Prep Advance level before birth, I had to restart at Intermediate 3 level to make up for lost time.

Pole dancing is addictive and challenging. It helps to tone my body, especially my abs. I like the fact that it helped me slimmed down easily after birth. Every time I could not do a pole move, I will ask myself why. An effective way to correct my poses is to record myself while I swing on the pole. I am happy every time I finish a song routine! The challenging part is the anxiety I get whenever I go for pole classes. I am so afraid of falling off the pole, I need to give myself pep talks to boost my courage.

Bobbis Pole Shoot - Esther Ng (15 Oct 2011) - 06 Bobbis Pole Shoot - Esther Ng (15 Oct 2011) - 03 (1)

3. How frequent do you practice pole in a week and how does pole dance help you to keep fit?

I go to classes once a week. It takes about 2 months to learn a new dance routine. On the 8th session, we will be able to showcase what we have learnt through a choreographed dance where we can invite our friends to watch the performance.

I get to strengthen my core muscles as it is not easy to do inverts on the pole. It takes a great deal of balancing, endurance and strength to control your movements on the pole without hurting yourself.

Bobbis Pole Shoot - Esther Ng (15 Oct 2011) - 02 (1)

4. You have 2 kids, how difficult is it for you to manage your time between your family and pole practice?

Since my pole class is only once a week, I do not commit myself to anything more than that. I think I managed my time pretty well. In any case, I have a pole at home which I use for practice while I do my part as a dutiful wife and mother.

5. Did you go for any competition? Have you won any?

I participated in the 2009 Super Import Nights Pole Competition (held at Singapore Expo) and went to Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia Pole Idol Competition in 2009. I did not think I would come back with a trophy because there were so many professional pole dancers involved. I was merely gaining some experience and fun back then.

6. What comments do you get from your family and friends regarding pole dancing?

My husband is very supportive of what I do. He doesn’t say a word about the pole dance photos I put on social media. Friends are typically in awe of my achievement because I am a mother of two. They didn’t think mothers can pole dance like I do.

Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 06 Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 07 Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 08 Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 09 Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 10 Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 12Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 69  Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 97

7. Do you like your body now? Why?

Yes, I always love myself for who I am. Of course there are still room for improvement. I want to get fitter, toner and curvier with improved stamina, strength and endurance.

Esther Ng - Pole Shoot 13

8. What advice do you have for beginners who want to learn pole dancing?

Go for it!! We have seniors over 60 years old in our pole classes. If they can, why not you? And at each stage of learning, please do it slow and steady. Always remember to get the steps right and do it safely. Hold the pole tight, if you have a sweaty palms, get something like ‘Dry Hands’ or chalk to prevent slipping. You have to apply shaving cream on the waist areas, biceps, and thighs (wherever that is exposed) to give you a good grip. Wearing less clothes doesn’t mean we are trying to be flashy. You are not defined by what you wear here because the more skin you expose, the safer you are on the pole!

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