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This is a story of a conscientious lady who worked incredibly hard by going to the gym regularly. She did cardio workouts every morning. She swore by denying carbohydrates at all times. But the moment she stepped on to the weighing scale, disappointment engulfed her. She had hit a weight loss plateau.

If this is a familiar scene, our question to you is: Does the number really bother you, or are you more concern about how you look physically?

Ladies, we have good news for you! Your weight is just a number and it does not mean anything. For all you know, you may already look like you have shed a few pounds. Here’s the thing, your weight is determined by a few factors. They are mainly fats, bone, water and muscles and the percentage composition of these elements should be the magic number you ought to be concerned about.

Do you know that muscle weighs more than fat? When you exercise, you are losing fats and gaining muscle mass at the same time. This is the reason why the kilos on the scale are not moving. Hence, that weighing machine in your bathroom does not accurately reflect your real anatomy.

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Tips on achieving your ideal weight loss accurately

1. Take before and after photos

During our BBG journey, we were recommended to snap before and after shots of our bodies. A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos typically never lie. You will be amazed at how different you look after every 4 weeks.

Elyn Before (August 2014)
Elyn Before (August 2014)
Elyn After (March 2015)
Elyn After (March 2015)

One thing to note: remember to take your photos during the same time of the day, at an identical venue and with similar pose. You do not have to do it every day, but a good gauge is to monitor your progress every 4-6 weeks so that you can see the contrast.

2. Use In-Body Analysis machine

While they may not be the most accurate, this machine gives you a clear picture of your percentage body fat and muscle mass and also allow you to track your progress. It is available in any commercial gyms.

Cheryann Before (May 2014)
Cheryann Before (May 2014)
Cheryann After (September 2014)
Cheryann After (September 2014)

Notice that Cheryann’s weight increased 0.7kg in 4 months, however she gained 4.4kg of muscle mass and lost 6 kilos of body fats concurrently!

3. Set your body fat percentage goal

Here’s a chart on the ideal fat percentage for men and women.

Body Fat Chart
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Set a goal of how much body fats you would like to lose rather than how much weight you want to lose. It is more encouraging to see your body fat mass dropping to your ideal percentage than to step on a machine that falsifies the truth and tells you otherwise.

4. Challenge your body

Habitual jogging will not help one gain muscle mass. Frequent visits to the gym may also not aid in achieving your optimal physique if you do the same set of exercises everyday. We often see many female gym-goers heading straight for the conventional treadmill. They can run for an hour every single day and yet look the same a few weeks after.

Our muscles fibres have some sort of “memory” and they are exceptionally smart! Doing the same exercises consistently will only slow down the fat/calorie burning process. One approach to resolving this problem is to step back from prosaic activities and increase the intensity of your workout so that your body can work harder and burn the extra calories off.

We hope you are happy with what you just read and good luck to achieving your ideal body!

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