We are totally in awe with this couple who has their own unique way of keeping the passion alive in their 3-year long relationship. As we probed further and deeper into their lives, we realised this is no easy feat but it is achievable as long as they don’t give up on each other.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:7 NASB).

Kelvin and his bubbly partner, AnAn
Kelvin and his bubbly partner, AnAn

Kelvin, 31, a SAF regular serviceman who also doubles as a physical fitness specialist in camp. Due to his job roles, he has to drill himself intensively, almost 2 to 3 times daily.

AnAn, 31, is a full-time dance instructor and she trains 2 to 4 times a week.

  1. Do you do any other forms of exercise individually?

Kelvin: Crossfit, Strength and Endurance Circuit training, Fartlek training, Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC). Mostly performance based and functional training that is beneficial for my nature of work.

AnAn: I’m a dance coach, agility is crucial to dance, hence the training I do includes agility ladder, circuit training, skipping and HIIT.

  1. What types of exercise do you both do together and how long have you been doing it together?

Kelvin & AnAn: It has been more than 3 years. We try to keep things interesting by being inclusive in our training, ranging from Weight Training, TRX, Crossfit, running to swimming. 

  1. Who suggested the idea of using TRX to train together and why did you choose that?

AnAn: Kelvin brought it up and I thought it was a fantastic idea. We use TRX most of the time because it is a very versatile piece of equipment. You can modify the resistance by body position and foot stance. It is a more integrated kind of training which requires you to activate various muscle groups to execute the exercises.

TRX Saw Pikes
TRX Saw Pikes
  1. How frequent have you both been doing TRX training together? How many times per week?

Kelvin & AnAn: Due to our busy schedule, we are only able to do our training together on weekends. But not necessarily just TRX training, we always integrate TRX suspension trainer into our regime to make it more challenging.

TRX Roll Out
TRX Roll Out
  1. How do you manage dating and workout time?

Kelvin: Working out is part of the dating plan. Especially at end of the month when I run out of money (laughs hysterically). Most of the time while working out together, we exchange ideas on things we can do. There are disagreements at times about which training is more effective, but I think that spice up our relationship.

AnAn: Workout time is dating time (grins sweetly). I am having fun doing this interview together with Kelvin as fitness couple.

  1. How do you motivate each other?

Kelvin & AnAn: We don’t do anything in specific. We just keep training.

  1. Are you confident with your physique? Why?

Kelvin: Absolutely. I have no problem taking out my top anytime, anywhere.

AnAn: Definitely. Confidence comes from the mind.

  1. What do you like about your partner’s body? Why?

Kelvin: Booty, she has got a perky butt.

AnAn: Abs, because everybody keep saying he’s got kaya (coconut jam) buns. I cannot have enough of kaya buns.

  1. What comments did you receive about being a fitness couple?

“Hey, the both of you want to give birth to a baby with six packs?”

“Can my partner join you for training this weekend?”

“How do you manage to get your partner to workout together?”

10. Do you think this enhances your relationship? Why?

Kelvin: As our bodies suffer together, our spirits flourish together.

AnAn: Many couples’ idea of a date is to wear nice clothes, book a restaurant, eat some nice steaks. But to be able to sweat together is much more fulfilling. Kelvin usually makes me a delicious protein shake after every training. How nice is that?

11. What advice do you have for couples who want to workout together?

Kelvin & AnAn: The more active one has to start the ball rolling (e.g. get 2 sets of workout equipment or workout DVDs). Plan for a variety of exercise programmes to make the trainings more interesting. However, you should adjust the intensity progressively so as not to kill his/her motivation. Lastly, HELP TO MASSAGE EACH OTHER!


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