Even though we always emphasize that abs are made in the kitchen, you’ll still require that 30% training effort. Come join us in this routine to reduce that unsightly tummy bulge!

Summary of the workout:

  • Leg Raise (Yoga mat) – 20 Reps, 3 Sets
  • Cross Leg Crunches (Yoga mat) – 30 Reps each side, 3 Sets
  • Mountain Climber (Yoga mat) – 30 Reps, 3 Sets
  • Cycling Cross Crunches (Yoga mat) – 20 Reps, 3 Sets
  • Front Plank (Yoga mat) – 1 minute, 3 sets
  • Side Planks (Yoga mat) – 30 seconds each side, 3 sets

Muscles used:


Check out our previous post for arms toning exercise.

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