So, this is the beginning of a brand new year. Everybody’s declaring their new year resolutions on social media. It is like yet another Christmas wish-list, but on a bigger scale and usually non-tangible. Perhaps, you are looking forward to a fat pocket and slimmer body. Or you might just want more wisdom to identify opportunities and grab them before they are gone. Whatever resolutions you hope to accomplish this year, there is absolutely no doubt that you got to work really hard for them.

BFF’s resolution for this year is rather generic, but it takes a conscious effort, every single day, to ensure that it stays that way.

  1. THINK POSITIVELY. It is not easy to do this, especially living in Singapore where we are typically known as “complain kings/queens”. Negativity breeds negativity. You just got to surround yourself with happy people all the time. Optimism is contagious too. Remember to look on the bright side when things are going south, because it will never stay down all the time!
  2. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. We are often too blind to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. A peaceful night’s sleep with a roof over your head, seeing your loved ones the moment you wake up, a job to work on, and food on the table. You should be glad you are breathing quality air now.
  3. LEARN TO GIVE THANKS. How often do you thank your Mom for everything she has done for you? That particular friend who is constantly there to listen when you need to grumble? The stranger who helped you hold the door while your hands are full? Enough said.

As we move forward into 2016, we want to incorporate these three things in our daily lives, as we dedicate ourselves in our family, our work and things we enjoy doing. Bareface Fettle is a delightful obsession worth fighting for. PTL!

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” — Simon Sinek

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